Big Winner Supplement – 6LB/60 day supply

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Big Winner Premium Equine Supplement

Big Winner is Valor H’s premium, cold milled, equine complete supplement. Our expert
nutritionist has formulated this unique proprietary blend to satisfy our own high standards for
cleanly sourced, nutrient dense equine nutrition.
Every one of our supplements are designed to be the best that they can be, rather than
the least amount necessary to satisfy a requirement. There are no fillers in our Big Winner
formula and every ingredient must earn its place. We are particular about cleanly sourced,
nutrient dense, fresh ingredients.
Big winner is tasty and wholesome. It is packed full of vitamins, chelated minerals,
antioxidants, quality amino acids, probiotics, prebiotics and beneficial yeasts. It contains none
of the inflammatory ingredients we are avoiding by feeding non-GMO. This is the main reason
that we don’t like GMOs. If the plants are modified to damage the insects that would eat the
soybeans, corn or sugar beets, what do they do to our horses when they ingest those same
Our mill has access to hard to find premium ingredients from the human food supply
chain. You will see uncommon whole foods like; lysine packed peas, and the same nutritious
hemp meal that can be found in human health food stores. These powerful ingredients take the
place of fillers commonly used by other brands. We are confident that this high quality protein
content is a great investment in nutrient density.
Our cold steam milled pellets are truly a handcrafted, premium, whole food product
created with love and old fashion business values.

Advanced Equine Nutritional Support for Complete Wellness and

Just feed 2oz per day for…

– Overall Health and Wellness: A balance of Essential Vitamins and
Chelated Minerals necessary for sound structures and body functions.

– Healthy Hooves, Hair and Skin: Biotin, Methionine, Zinc, Lysine and
Vitamin E support excellent hoof and hair growth and strength.

– Digestion and Gut Health: Probiotics, Prebiotics, yeasts, and our
non-GMO formula nurture a healthy gut microbiome.

– Immune Strength & Muscle Recovery: Vitamin E and Organic Selenium
are vitally important for muscle function, performance, and disease
resistance. The amino acid Lysine, also supports the immune system.

– Growth and Body Maintenance: The amino acid Lysine is the most
important protein part for growth and body maintenance.


*60 day supply for one horse.

***This product is not available for sale or shipment into the state of CALIFORNIA.

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Weight 10 lbs
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